SARC-20 is the first inscription token protocol on SatoshiVM. SARC-20 draws inspiration from Ethscriptions and brc-20. Ethscriptions facilitates to incorporate inscription content into the transaction calldata on Ethereum. Learn more about Ethscription. Brc-20 is a protocol that enables the creation of tokens on Bitcoin, based on the Ordinal protocol. Learn more about brc-20.

An SARC-20 Instance

Create SARC-20 inscriptions on SatoshiVM Testnet as follows:

1. Convert the data URI into Hex.

Data before conversion:


Calldata after conversion:


2. Inscribe via transfers

Send the Hex calldata to your own address with 0 BTC. After a few blocks it should appear on you SARC-20 dashboard.


There are some specific restrictions for SARC-20 indexing mechanism:

  • Inscription through contract events is not supported.

  • Inscription data must start with the prefix: data:,{"p":"sarc-20"

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